Widlak and Petriches, P.C. - Certified Public Accountants
Tax Planning and Compliance
  Evaluating clients' potential tax exposure prior to year-end and offering suggestions to reduce
current year federal, state, and local tax liabilities.
  Assisting clients in structuring significant transactions (e.g. merger, sale of the business,
acquisition of a competitor, major asset purchase, etc.) to minimize tax liability and maximize
tax benefits.
  Preparing accurate income and payroll tax returns filed with the appropriate federal, state, or
local jurisdictions depending on the clients’ operations
  Representing clients before federal and state taxing authorities by responding to notices, meeting
with auditors, and negotiating settlements.
Accounting and Attest
  Recording transactions in an accounting system using source documentation (e.g. checks, bank
statements, invoices, etc.) provided by the client.
  Overseeing client accounting and proposing adjusting journal entries by agreeing balance sheet
amounts to source documentation on a regular basis.
  Assisting management in presenting financial information in the form of financial statements
without undertaking to obtain or provide any assurance that there are no material modifications
that should be made to the financial statements.
  Performing inquiries and analytical procedures to obtain limited assurance that there are no  
material modifications that should be made to the financial statement in order for the statements
to be in conformity with the applicable financial reporting framework.
  Obtaining an understanding of the client’s control environment and examining, on a test basis,
evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures of the financial statements to obtain reasonable
assurance about whether those statements are free of material misstatement.
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  Founding the firm in 1981, Paul specializes in providing tax and financial advice to businesses
and their owners.  Paul takes a proactive approach with his clients, meeting with them regularly
throughout the year to provide advice on the best way to manage their business.
  Born and raised in Detroit, Paul earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a Master’s in
Business Administration from the University of Detroit.  Paul also holds a Master of Science in
Taxation from Walsh College.
  Always active in the community, Paul taught graduate and undergraduate classes in taxation at
Walsh College early in his career.  Paul served on the Rochester Downtown Development
Authority for nearly 20 years.  Paul currently serves on the Board of Directors of Angels’
Place, a charitable organization serving people with developmental disabilities.
  To contact Paul, please call the office or e-mail paulwidlak@msn.com.
  Jim joined the firm in 1988, becoming partner in 1991.  Jim specializes in technical tax and
accounting issues, reviewing each tax return and financial statement prepared by the firm.
  Jim received a bachelor's degree in accounting from Wayne State University and a Master of
Science in Taxation from Walsh College.
  A devoted Red Wings fan, Jim attends each home game, only missing a handful over the last 30
  To contact Jim, please call the office or e-mail jim@widlakcpa.com.
  Brian joined the firm in 2013 and became partner in 2015.  Brian specializes in tax consulting
for businesses and their owners.  In addition, Brian has extensive experience providing audit
and accounting services to businesses of all sizes.
  Brian received a Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame, a
Master of Accounting from the Ohio State University, and a Master of Science in Taxation from
Walsh College.  Brian started his career with a Big Four accounting firm in Detroit and also
spent time with mid-size firms in Oakland County.
  The father of two boys, Brian enjoys biking the Paint Creek Trail and playing with his kids in
the back yard.
  To contact Brian, please call the office or e-mail brian@widlakcpa.com.
  Lisa joined the firm in 1996 and has proven to be the ultimate team player over the past 20+
years.  Lisa performs most of the monthly and quarterly accounting, prepares personal income
tax returns, and handles client payroll tax filings.  In addition, she provides reassurance and
assistance to clients struggling with QuickBooks or one of the state's many web portals.
  Lisa is the proud mother of two boys and recently took up bow hunting, bagging her first deer in
the fall of 2015.
  To contact Lisa, please call the office or e-mail lisa@widlakcpa.com.
  Shari is in her second stint with Widlak and Petriches, P.C. She first joined the firm in 1997 but
left Metro Detroit a year later.  After stops in Maryland, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Illinois, Shari
return to the area and the firm in 2004.  She prepares the bulk of the business tax returns,
provides accounting services, and completes a significant number of personal income tax
returns each busy season.
  A native of Kansas City, Shari graduated from Missouri Valley College with a double major in
accounting and business.
  Shari and her husband celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary in 2016.  That same year, they
became "empty nesters" as their son graduated from Indiana University and headed out into the
world on his own.
  To contact Shari, please call the office or e-mail shari@widlakcpa.com.
  To contact Jared, please call the office or e-mail jared@widlakcpa.com.
  We are a full-service CPA firm advising businesses and their owners on tax, accounting, and
financial matters.  From our office in downtown Rochester, Michigan, we represent businesses
with operations throughout the United States and Canada.
  We offer a well-rounded team to meet your business' needs.  Each team member has a solid
foundation in accounting and tax, meaning multiple people can assist in any circumstance.  At
the same time, our team members have a variety of professional backgrounds that allow for an
assortment of perspectives.  This diversity in experience allows us to better advise our clients on
how to best handle the tax, accounting, and financial situations that they face.
  No matter the quality of the advice, it is useless if not delivered timely.  We take a proactive
approach with our clients by identifying issues before they arise.  We stay involved with our
clients during the year and engage in tax planning in the fourth quarter.  This allows us to
provide our clients an idea of ther tax liability - as well as any ideas on how to reduce that
liability - prior to year-end.
  We are proud of our team and the services that we offer.  Please scroll through the site to learn
more about the firm.  If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to call the
office at (248) 651-2324 or send an e-mail to
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